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5 Things That Will Make a Good WordPress Hosting Plan Even Better

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1. Reliable WordPress support

A lot of WordPress hosting providers often speak about having 24/7 support, but very few of them really have experience with WordPress. See to it that the company you are going to choose has a knowledgeable team and sufficient technical support.

There are tons of imposter WordPress hosts out there that will only help their clients with account configuration problems, and likely, won’t get involved in issues surrounding WordPress software.

2. WordPress-specific strategy to security

Since WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, it is also the primary target for attackers. There many steps you can take to secure your website, yet it is your web host that can assist you in doubling down security.

Read web hosting company reviews in Malaysia to learn more about the experiences of other website owners. See to it that you will have access to automatic malware scans, SSL certificate and monitoring services.

3. Performance optimization

Whether you have heavy theme or your layout uses plenty of scripting, it’s possible to lose valuable page loading time. Website speed is crucial to your search engine rankings and conversion rate. Remember, WordPress can easily bogged down by bulky images and inefficient plugins. The best web hosts can help alleviate those struggles by providing a reliable content delivery network.

Furthermore, look for a web host that utilizes caching tools that save a loaded version of your website.

4. Staging environment

Many people love WordPress because they can easily update their web design and content. If you are thinking of altering your website’s colors, trying your hand at coding or updating plugins, you can easily accomplish this via WordPress’ user-friendly interface. The staging environment can imitate your website’s production version. From there, you can make updates and changes before moving its new version into production. Top hosting provides can make this a one-click, seamless experience.

5. Website backups

Just in case something bad happens, you would want to have a working copy of your entire website somewhere. Almost all worthy web hosting providers will automatically backup website databases and data, though you would want to make sure that you understand the details.

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