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7 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups

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A lot of people want to establish their own mobile app development startups simply because of the financial potential that it has. A lot of businesses, enterprises, and even individuals are not shy of spending money if it means that they are going to have a really robust app developed for their use-cases. That being said, what should mobile app startup companies do to be successful in this industry? Here are some tips:

Research on What Your Users Like (and Dislike)

When you are going to develop an application, always bear in mind that you are not the one who is going to use it; it is actually the end-users. Therefore, it is crucial that you do some deep research and find out what your users like and dislike. Perhaps, they do not like slow-loading apps or applications that freeze when executing basic functions. Do this first so that you can develop a strategy that you can employ during the app development process.

Focus on Native Apps

If you are still starting in the industry, you should focus more on developing native apps. Native applications only run on one operating system platform which means improved performance than cross-platform apps. That being said, you can designate some of your developers and designers to focus solely on Android and you can also ask others to focus on iOS. Once your company has grown considerably, then and only then can you think about building hybrid apps.

Offline Use

Although one cannot argue that to achieve the full functionality of an app, it has to be connected to the internet. However, most users prefer some offline functionality as well. Take Spotify, for example, If the user is online, they can search for songs and create playlists. However, the application also lets users download their favorite songs so that they can play them even when they’re offline. Therefore, think about offline use when developing an application.

Make It Incredibly Easy for People to Use

You might know a lot of things about mobile applications but the same cannot be said with your end-users. Therefore, it is crucial that you create an app that even the layman can understand.

Employ the Grid

In photography, the grid system is used so that every element on the photo will be in order. You can also implement the same style in app development as well. This will help you make your app’s UI elements uniform when users scroll up and down your application.

App Store Optimization

By now, you’re probably aware of SEO, right? Well, SEO works mainly for websites; ASO is the one for app stores. ASO is just an acronym for app store optimization and it basically holds the same premise to that of SEO, albeit that it is for app stores so that your application can be visibly seen on the top of the charts.

Focus on Core Features

To make a simple app, only implement the features that you think will make the app more usable. Do not incorporate way too many features as it may bog down the performance of the mobile application.

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