9 Principles of a Good Web Design

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To design a website can be very difficult because it involves the designs that are easy to use, fun, provides information, and to build a brand that technically sounds and looks coherent. There are various types of web designs that work differently and sometimes you don’t always meet your own expectations or your clients’ expectation.

So here is a list of important principles for having a good web design.

  1. Consistency. Consistency refers to making everything match appropriately. Heading size, font selection, colouring, button style, spacing, design elements, photo selection, illustration styles and everything must be themed so that your design is coherent between the same page or other pages.
  2. Spacing. Spacing is important and it makes everything clearer. There are three aspects of space that you must consider: Line spacing, Padding and White Space. Line Spacing is the point at which you put the message, and the space between the lines straightforwardly influences how to peruse the text. Too little space makes it troublesome for your eyes to escape starting with one line then onto the next line but too much space implies when you complete a line of text and go to the following one your eyes can get lost. Padding is a space amongst components and text. For the most part, it ought not to come into contact with different components to make it easier for visitors to read between the lines White space does not need to be white. The term of white space basically implies the vacant space on the page.

    White space is utilised to give balance, proportion and difference to the page. Many vacant spaces tend to influence things to look more rich and upscale, for instance, if you go to an expensive architect site you will dependably see a great deal of a lot of space. A considerable amount of advertisements for expensive brands tend to use heaps of white space as a design component.

  3. Typography. Text is an important and common element for a web design. Thus, it is also important to consider the following things such as font choice, font size, spacing, colour, paragraphing and line length.
  4. Alignment. Keeping things in line is important in both web design and print design. You have to try to keep things in its place on the page. When you align things, it makes your design easier to digest and it will look more polished.

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