Baby Guide: Helping Your Baby Fall Asleep

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Having your own baby is a fun and loving experience, but it also has its own challenges. Prepare yourself for a series of sleepless nights. The first few weeks of your little one at home are the most difficult. It’s part of parenting!

One of the aspects that you need to focus on are baby sleep patterns. You can’t expect the baby to have the same sleeping hours. Some infants sleep more than the others. Some of them would sleep all throughout the night, while others don’t.

If you are not sleeping at the same time as your kid, don’t worry about keeping the entire home silent while she sleeps. She needs to get used to sleeping with a bit of noise around her.

How can you teach your baby the concept of day and night?

At this early stage, you can already introduce to your little one the difference between night and day. During day time, you can play games with her while the curtains are open. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the noises around them. These are just everyday noises that they must get used to hearing. During the evening, it will be helpful to:

  • not change diapers, unless she really needs it
  • not play with her
  • keep all the lights down low
  • keep your voice down, and don’t talk much
  • put her down as soon as she have been fed

Soon, your child will learn that the evenings are the right time for sleeping.

How to establish a consistent bedtime routine?

Aside from buying comfortable baby clothes in Malaysia for sleeping, there are tons of things you can do to establish a good baby bedtime routine. By the time your little one turns 3 months old, it’s time for you to work on this. Take it one step at a time. Get the child into a soothing,
simple bedtime routine in order to avoid baby sleep problems later on. This is also a good opportunity to bond with your baby.

Your baby sleep routine must be composed of the following

  • A baby bath
  • Changing into comfortable evening clothes, as well as a fresh nappy
  • brushing their teeth
  • Putting them to bed
  • Giving her a goodnight cuddle and kiss
  • Reading a good bedtime story
  • Dimming all the lights in the bedroom to establish a calm environment
  • Using a musical mobile, and singing a lullaby

Maintain a similar routine as your kid gets older. The key action here is to wind down and do calm activities such as reading and singing lullabies. Too much stimulation and excitement will wake her up again.

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