Casino Myths Overview

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Suspicion on things they don’t fully understand is common among people and casinos looks like a room full of mysteries to especially to non-gamblers. It is no doubt that a list of myths came out and evolved through the years and we’ll tackle these myths in this article. It is understandable that numerous myths are based on the idea that casinos trick their players to gain profit. Some have weak correlation with reality and some are just an outcome of overthinking and boundless imagination.

1. Game are Designed to Trick Players

If this myth was true then nobody would risk and waste their money and time playing in casinos. With the help of House Edge, a mathematical advantage used by the casinos, they gain profit and make money in the long run. Casinos earn money through thousands of players over time and an individual like you is not a primary target. This means that you can still win and claim the prizes. But the odds are not always in your favor, slots have Random Number Generators which means that your chances are not certain. So accept that there’s a time to win and a time to lose and don’t blame a conspiracy for your bad luck.

2. It is Illegal to Count Cards

Casinos don’t have legal measures and can’t bring you to court by counting cards. There is no existing law against it. You will only be thrown out if you’re caught and the casino will notify other establishments about your identity. That’s all they can do, nothing more, nothing less.

3. After a Jackpot Hasn’t Payout in a While, a Slot Machine Win is Coming Up.

Slot machines function randomly and it doesn’t know how frequent or seldom it does payout. These machines use Random Number Generators or RNG which create new combinations randomly every spin. So don’t feel sad when another person wins on the machine you’ve just left: the combinations are shuffled and there is no assurance that the same scenario will take place when you pull the lever.

4. Casinos Release Additional Oxygen onto Floor to Heighten Your Energy

Many gamblers believe this in Las Vegas, they even claim that pheromones are being released to provoke the players on risking higher bets. It’s quite unbelievable to think that the idea of being energized while you are broke doesn’t make sense. To add to that, there are no scientific evidence that increase oxygen levels in the environment can affect you gambling habits. Also, altering the air supply in the establishments is illegal in the US and UK so no casinos will risk that just to make you energized.

5. Experienced Roulette Players Can Control When the Wheel Will Stop – Avoiding Jackpots

The dealer can’t control the spin of the wheel and many factors also take place. It’s unimaginable to think of the ways how the dealer can control the roulette as the ball bounces aggressively over the oppositely spinning wheel. Also, if miracles happen and this conspiracy is true, it can be considered illegal and open to abuse. The unpredictability of the chance of winning makes the players bet more and the casinos earn more as well.

6. There Are More Chances of Winning On Slots In A Busy Casino

In a way it’s true that there are more win payouts in a crowded casinos compared to the quiet ones, but the only reason behind this is there are more players gambling. As a one player on that casino floor, your probability of winning still stays the same.

7. Young Gamblers are Produced Through Online Casinos

One of the common notions in online casino games is how to control the minors from using it. The players don’t have to go physically on the casino making others believe that age restrictions will not be implemented. But teenagers will find it difficult to enter online casinos as strict regulations and identity verifications are being implemented. Some verification process needs documents that only a legal aged individual can acquire. There are still no perfect system existing but it is the first step in regulating legal aged and responsible gamblers.

You can prove these myths are wrong by playing online slot games or even online sports betting at the best casino in Thailand.

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