Frequently Asked Questions About New and Used Baby Gear- Answered

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As a parent, you only want what’s best for your baby. However, with so many things to buy for them, one parent might question if there are things that you can safely buy secondhand and what things should be bought brand new.

Well, there are definitely some things that should be bought brand new and there are also some that can be bought secondhand, but there are also things that you can get as hand-me-downs safely as well (though, you can buy your own if you want).

Baby clothes are definitely one of these things because if your baby’s build and stature is pretty much the same as the baby of your, say, best friend, then it is okay.

This article will focus more on the commonly asked questions about which gear should be bought brand new and which ones you can buy used.

Baby Swings

You can buy used baby swings. They are typically used as a means to help you keep your baby asleep. This is also great for newborns who cry a lot and the only way for them to fall asleep is if you put them in, you guessed it, a baby swing.


There is a lot of debate whether you should get a new baby stroller or you can buy it secondhand. Well, although there are some valid points on either side, if you ask me, you should buy it brand new. Why?

Well, for a couple of reasons. First, baby strollers are one of those baby gears that get recalled quite often, simply because there are some that are found that do not adhere to new safety standards.

Second, you want to make sure that the stroller fits your baby really well and that its build and construction is still durable.

Car Seat

This one should always be a thing that you should buy for your baby and it is best that you buy it brand new. The reason is that car seat safety standards change a lot and if you are going to buy the newest car seat, you are assured that the seat was tested very well before release.


If you want to read a bedtime story to your child or you want them to learn many new things at a very early age, then getting baby books is safe to buy used.


Here’s a fact: we sleep a third of our lives and this is true for everyone- including your baby. And, because the crib is considered to be their own bed, it is important that you make them feel safe while also ensuring that they can sleep soundly.

Just like the stroller, cribs can be recalled due to poor safety implementations. That is why buying it brand new can make you feel okay knowing that you are getting one that is fit for your baby.

High Chair

Newborn babies can outgrow a lot of things and a high chair is one of them. You can safely buy them used, but you must inspect it yourself to see if it is still in good working condition.

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