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How to Choose a Chronograph Watch?

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What type of watch do you want to buy? For me, I always love an automatic watch because I do not have to worry about batteries at all. Of course, you probably want something else; perhaps, a chronograph?

A chronograph watch is not only stylish but I think that it is definitely built for a man. If you are thinking about buying one, read the rest of the article to find out some buying tips.

Before Anything…

This article revolves around some buying tips for mechanical chronograph watches which means that it doesn’t include any tips for digital ones. That being said, let’s get on with the meat of the article, shall we?

Chronographs and Chronometers Are Different

There is a common misconception out there where people assume that chronograph watches are the same as chronometers but that is actually not the case.

The main feature of a chronograph is its stopwatch functionality. Ever seen those three sub-dials in a typical chronograph watch? Those sub-dials represent the hours, minutes, and seconds and they all count elapsed time. That is the main function of a chronograph.

What is Your Style?

Now, when you are going to buy a chronograph, it is important to note that such watches are always quite big. In fact, the smallest that you can find has a diameter of 40mm (for a men’s watch). That is just to accommodate the main watch face along with the sub-dials.

That being said, it is important that you consider your style when buying one. If you are mainly going to use it for office purposes, you’d want to go with those that have a metal watchband or those that are built using titanium and other strong metals.

Alternatively, a chronograph can also be used in casual events as well. Just make sure that you are using a nice leather strap.

Keep in mind that, when it comes to style, it is not advisable to be wearing one with a formal suit. That is because chronographs are pretty huge and you want a timepiece that is more subdued when you go to black-tie or corporate events and such.

Do You Need the Light?

Not all chronographs are built the same. There are those that are built as-is and there are those that come with handy lights that you can summon with a push of a button. Although the feature is not a must-have, it is a good thing to consider if you need such functionality.

Modular or Integrated?

This is probably something you haven’t heard of before but there are actually two different chronograph configurations that you can find on the market.

A modular chronograph, as its name implies, is a chronograph watch with the stopwatch functionality just baked on top of the watch This is not the most common thing people look out for but it is imperative that you know that this type of watch exists.

The most common watch out there is the integrated chronograph. This is basically what you can see on the store shelves and has the stopwatch functionality already embedded inside the watch face.

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