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How to Effectively Combine Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing

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In a study conducted by Rakuten Marketing in 2016, 49% of their Twitter respondents
have reported that their purchase decision was affected by what their favorite
influencers said. Influencer marketing has indeed made its mark a few years back and it
continues to be one of the best ways to sell products.

Now, if you could just combine that with affiliate marketing, that would be awesome!
What used to be an outlandish idea has actually become a reality. In fact, a recent
survey has revealed that more and more influencers are already becoming part-time
affiliate marketers as well.

So, how is this done? How can you merge both marketing schemes? You will find out
the answer by reading through the rest of the article.

Find Influencers and Share Affiliate Links

One of the best ways to merge influencer marketing with affiliate marketing is through
sharing custom affiliate links. What you do is search for the best influencers in your
chosen niche and share with them a custom affiliate links that you can track.

You then ask them to create content or a sponsored post wherein they will tell their
audience about your brand. This will effectively turn their audience into your audience
as well since what they say holds a huge bearing on their purchase decisions.

It also works more effectively if you provide their audience with discounts if you use that
special affiliate link. That is the reason why many Youtube personalities are including
some known companies as their affiliate partners and the company, in turn, will no
doubt enjoy the same success as well, given that their audience has effectively doubled
or tripled since the partnership.

Use the CPA Model

There are a lot of payment models that you can choose from, but if you are partnering
up with an influencer, it is important that you employ the Cost-per-Action model wherein
they will be given a small commission on every sale that is made using your affiliate link.

Aside from using the CPA model, you can also experiment by giving certain incentives
to your influencers as well. Perhaps you can give them special bonuses or items based
on certain thresholds.

Doing this will help entice influencers to do your bidding.

Always Build Up Your Relationship

Why do you think influencers have a loyal following? That is due to the fact that they
connect with their audience on a more personal level. What can you learn from them?
Well, the main takeaway here is that you should always build your relationships from the
ground up.

Influencers build a strong foundation based on trust and if you could provide them with
the same thing, then both of you can team up to help each other’s success.

Another way for you to bolster your relationship with your influencers is to give them a
gift, especially on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas.

You can also arrange special events that your influencers can attend as well. This will
be a great opportunity for you to be up close and personal with your chosen partners,
thus allowing you to build a stronger connection with each one of them (assuming that
you have more than one influencers).

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