How to Optimize Your Blog Content for SEO?

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As a blogger, it is your task to not only create amazing blog posts but also to ensure that you drive as much traffic to your blog as possible. Creating a blog is easy but making it relevant and last for years to come will require a lot more work.

So today, I want to focus this article on how you can optimize your blog content for SEO.

Include Keywords in Strategic Places

I think you know by now that one of the major points of SEO is the use of keywords. But, how exactly do you use those researched keywords?

Well, a general rule of thumb is to incorporate about 1-2 keywords into your blog posts in strategic places. You should put them in your title, your headers and sub-headers, the main body of your content, your meta description, and even on your URL.

Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

Google and other search engines heavily favor websites that are mobile-friendly. That being said, it is imperative that you make your website’s content conform to smaller displays.

Well, you can do this by employing responsive design. For those of you who do not know, this just encompasses a set of web design principles that will allow your content to conform to smaller devices.

Use and Optimize Your Meta Descriptions

A meta description is that short paragraph just below the link to the website that is found on the SERPs. It is meant to let the users know if that website they’re trying to visit contains information that may help address their queries.

That being said, you have to use the meta description so that you can optimize your blog for SEO. To do this, you also want to include one or two keywords (preferably long-tail keywords) and make sure that you utilize the available characters given to you.

Make Sure that Your Images Have Alt Tags

It is a known fact that you should always include images in your blog posts to make it more engaging and more appealing for your audience to read. Having said that, search engines do not actually see images the way we, humans, do.

In order for them to know exactly what is on the image, you have to use the alt text which just helps explain to search engine crawlers what the picture is all about.

Inputting a good alt text on all of your images can make a huge difference and it doesn’t really require a lot of work to do that.

Setting a Correct URL Structure

Your URL can help both search engines and your audience to know exactly what they are being directed. If you have different sections of your blog, it should be known in your URL structure.

For instance, if your blog contains business articles and you have sections called ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’, then that should be known on your URL.

It should look something like for the marketing section and for the sales section of your blog, respectively.

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