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Strategies to Keep Your Instagram Ad Cost Per Click Low and ROI High

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1. Set realistic, clear objectives.

Work with an experienced social media consultant in Malaysia who can help you set clear objectives, and positive end results. Don’t waste tons of money on Instagram ad cost per click if your goals are not clear.

2. Focus on the lifestyle.

Remember, Instagram is all about beautiful visuals. People visit this platform to be inspired by all the images they see. Thus, leveraging on inspiring photos is the best way to connect to your audience. So, how can you stay relevant? Focus on the people that enjoy the products and services, not just the products alone.

3. Integrate compelling call-to-actions.

At some point, you will awkward about telling people what do to. However, you need to do it. you need to tell them where to click. Don’t worry, there are many socially acceptable ways to include CTAs. Do it the Instagram way. Encourage them to double tap, and swipe up.

4. Provide limited-time promos.

Who doesn’t love online promos and online contests? With strategic promos, you can enhance your conversion rates well. Master the art of encouraging people to take action right at this very moment. Instagram users love contents–just make sure that the prize is something fun and unique.

5. Use storytelling.

Instagram is all about visual storytelling. This story can be told in one image, or a series of Instagram stories. When users see a specific image that evokes emotional responses, they instantly establish their own story around it. Use this internal storytelling process by communicating something through your ad photos.

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